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Download Anti-Hacker – Anti-hacker software for computers

Anti-Hacker – Anti-hacker software for computers

(BlackBox) Hacker
Version: 10.0
Usage: Free
Size: 1.2 MB
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

  • Anti-Hacker is computer protection software that helps you fight hackers and other digital threats.
  • Anti-Hacker is completely free and safe to use.

Ensure computer safety at a high level is a critical issue today when the number of malware and hacker intelligence are increasing dramatically. Furthermore, stopping an attack is easier and more effective than dealing with the consequences. So you can use Anti-Hacker, a lightweight security solution that can detect signs from hackers or malware and block them.

* Key features of anti-hacker anti-hacker software

+ Disable Run As Administrator vulnerabilities in lower user accounts

+ Switch Administrator account for daily use

+ Automatically detect Username

+ Transfer User Account Control to the highest settings

+ Patches embedded Windows Firewall with security fixes

+ Fully compatible with Windows 10 Pro

+ Set up firewall to block connections from inside or outside

+ Enables writing of connections outside the Windows Firewall (this feature is not enabled by default)

+ Can run parallel to DoNotSpy10 on Windows 10

+ Protect your PC without additional anti-virus software or third-party firewalls

+ Delete the secret on the computer

+ Reinstall all default settings

+ Scan on startup

+ Scan the firewall

+ Anti keylogger

+ Anti Hijacking

+ Do not spam donations via PayPal

+ Free software 100%


Download Here

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