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Download Wurm Unlimited – The ultimate survival game

Wurm Unlimited – The ultimate survival game

Plug In Digital
Usage: Charge
Limit: $ 29.99
Requirements: Windows Vista / 7/8/10

* Wurm Unlimited is a standalone version of the popular survival game Wurm Online, released on Steam for Windows Vista and above.

* The main feature of the game Wurm Unlimited

– Build and master the virtual world. The Server Management GUI lets you change settings such as gathering skills, action timer, PvP or PvE, creature counts.

– Explore large lands with many occult creatures and secrets to be revealed.

– Customize the terrain of the land around you.

– Make and use thousands of unique items.

Join a war between kingdoms, plan and act to win.

– Fight new enemies on the PvP server.

– Farm, harvest and grow ingredients to cook more than 500 recipes and thousands of new dishes.

– Hunting, domestication and hybridization of wildlife. Train them to support the fight.

– Training 130 skills and 10 character characteristics.

– According to one of the four religions.

– Protect the land from wildlife and monsters. Collect the giant monsters, sacred dragon …

– Learn to use magic and use it effectively.

– Choose one of five meditations, learn about secrets and learn special abilities.

– Collect more than 200 skills.

– Riding horses and other creatures, including bear, unicorn and dragon.

– Shipbuilding and coordination with other players.

– Building a variety of projects, from tower to stone house, fence, bridge, statue …

– Build houses and find accommodation for the whole kingdom.

– Make way to connect the villages together.



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