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Download RUINER – Superhero shooting game

RUINER – Superhero shooting game

Devolver Digital
Usage: Charge
Requirements: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)

* Ruiner is a fictional action shooter and a bit of a horror element, currently being released on Steam at a discounted price.

* Main features of Ruiner

– Xbox Play Anywhere support: Buy one time and install it on both your Xbox and your Windows 10 PC.

– Unique graphics based on Japanese Anime style.

– Combined tools and modern arsenal.

– Faces with a variety of enemies, ranging from light and fast to heavy and dangerous, from street gangsters to government agencies, even combat robots.

– Fast game performance and action.

– Character development by selecting multiple abilities and upgrade packs.

– An exciting adventure in the dark world of Rengkok City.



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