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Download Kingdom Rush – A great strategy game for the computer

Kingdom Rush – A great strategy game for the computer

Ironhide Game Studio
Usage: Charge
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

* Get ready for this adventurous adventure to protect your kingdom against monsters with the title of Kingdom Rush on Steam. With over 20 hours of unique strategy game play, Kingdom Rush re-enacts tower and spell warfare in a variety of locations including jungle, mountains, wilderness, and more personalized upgrades.

* Key features of Kingdom Rush PC

– Immerse yourself in hours of classic game play.

– Conducts army and connects battlefield locations in a fun cartoon style.

– Full-screen gaming with sharp HD graphics.

– 8 upgrade tower packs to customize your strategy.

– Recruit troops and upgrade their skills and equipment to achieve the highest combat performance.

– Dealing with over 45 types of enemies, each type of monster will possess its own skills.

– Fight with 7 types of bosses.

– Unlock the legendary 12 heroes for free.

– Join the campaign with 12 tables to protect the kingdom. There are two Winter Storm mini-campaigns, two mini-Rise of the Bandits, four Curse of Castle Blackburn, four The Ruins of Acaroth, The Rotten Forest, The Lair of Sarelgaz and The Fungal Forest.

– Complete more than 50 achievements to receive bonuses.

– A number of expanded game modes to challenge your skills.

– In-game dictionaries are available to define tower types and enemies.



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